Financial Planning As Part of Life Planning

Financial planning focuses on financial goals and how best to meet them. However, since almost every part of one’s life has financial implications, this is just a piece of the larger life planning that goes through many stages from starting work, family to retirement period.

Planning for Investments

Investment planning is about making the right investment decisions and taking the necessary actions that will grow the value of the assets you own. Investing no doubt entails risk because of market volatility. The extent and characteristics of such fluctuations vary with assets classes. But with proper advice and guidance, we can help you make volatility work to your advantage. By taking calculated risks with professional guidance, you will achieve asset growth in real terms over the long term.

We are able to assist you with:

• Protection of Wealth
• Investments
• Leaving a Legacy
• Estate Planning
• Philanthropy
• B2B Business Tie-ups With Regional Wealth Managers
• Corporate Pensions

Life Insurance Planning

As the name states, you get life-long protection. You pay premiums throughout your life but can choose to pay for a selected period with some plans, called limited pay life. The whole life policy will pay the sum insured and any bonuses you have built up when you die or become totally and permanently disabled. When choosing whole life policies, great care must be taken to consider the guaranteed death benefits, projected death benefits and the guaranteed and projected cash surrender value vis-à-vis the premiums.

From the financial planning viewpoint in Singapore, a whole life is a definite “sure-to-claim” policy since death is certain, and it is recommended for this reason and for estate planning [getting a sum of money to pay for final expenses and any estate duty, or to make a gift (bequest) to loved ones or charity].



• Term Life Insurance Plans – a) Level Term b) Mortgage Reducing / Decreasing Term c) Disability Income Plans
• Whole Life Insurance Plans – a) Participating b) Non-participating c) Investment Link (ILP)
• Endowment Savings Plans – a) Single Premium b) Regular Premium c) Anticipated coupon d) Investment-link (ILP)
• Medical Insurance / Hospital & Surgical Insurance Plans – a) Medisave Approved Plans b) Private Medical Insurance c) International Medical Insurance
• Elder Care Insurance Plans – a) Eldershield
• Specialized Insurance Plans – a) Lady Care Insurance b) Cancer Care Insurance c) Personal Accident Insurance
• Annuities

Personal General Insurance

• Car / Motorbike Vehicle Insurance
• Travel Insurance
• Home Fire and Public Liability or Householder All Risk Insurance
• Maid Insurance
• Personal Accident Insurance
• Hospital Cash Insurance
• Golfer’s Insurance

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